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The Boys Athletic Training Program was great for my son.  He isn’t one of these kids that likes to be on a “team” per say so this program has given him confidence in himself.  One thing that he does wish is that the program was longer.  I know if this program continues at the White River School that my son will be signing up again next year for BATS!

Jack and I love the BAT program! It gives Jack extra time to meet with his peers. The planned activities help them strive for goals as a team, and as individuals. They find encouragement within themselves and for each other. The exercise keeps them focused. It creates healthy habits.

The BAT program has built my son's confidence in himself as he learned ways get exercise and build his strength outside of the competitive team sport environment. This non-competitive program was well organized and provided a healthy structured learning environment that built the skills of the whole group regardless of their fitness level or interest when they started the program. We are grateful Gavin had this opportunity with his peer group at WRS as it built friendships and self esteem within the group.

White River School BATS TorchRun Team

I wish I had a chance today to say to each of you what a wonderful experience the torch Run was for our boys. I am so proud of them! After the event, they just kept talking about how "awesome" and "great" the run was. OK, kids use those words all the time, but what was remarkable was the emotion in their voices and the pride they showed in their body language. I never imagined back in September that we would end our year on such a high note. I'm so grateful for the work everyone has done to make this happen. I'm so glad I was involved.  Thank you- thank you- thank you.

—Carol Mamroe
Coach, White River School BATS teams

2016 Children's Fund Grantees