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Ledyard Charter School embraces the philosophy that high school must prepare students for life by nurturing both their minds and spirits. Our program provides an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based course of study that encourages students to think, explore, question, analyze and create. Real learning goes far beyond data and facts; it lies in the unearthing of one layer, which leads to the next…and the next…and inspires us to search for meaning, purpose and action. Our faculty works to create units of study driven by universal themes and essential questions, addressing the state standards for each individual subject area through an experience that allows students to understand the connections between classes and from school to life.

The foundation of our school lies in our belief that fostering healthy relationships – with self, with others, with community – must be a priority. If one is to learn, grow, communicate, collaborate and influence, one must understand the value of investing in relationships, both personally and professionally. We “grow good people” at LCS, and we are proud to send them into the world, knowing they will be happy, healthy, successful young men and women who value community and what they may do to contribute to help make the world a better place.

The distinguishing features of Ledyard Charter School are:

  • A strong, standards-based academic core supported by 21st century skills
  • Individualized learning plans for every student
  • Real-world application of those skills through community projects and internships
  • The support of a mentors and various academic and social personnel for four years
  • Partnerships with Dartmouth and Lebanon Colleges
  • Public demonstrations of student learning
  • Student-led parent-teacher conferences
Contact Information:
John Higgins
Ledyard Charter School
PO Box 327
2 West Park Street, Suite 300
Lebanon, NH 03766
(603) 727-4772
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