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The Upper Valley Haven

For more than 30 years… The Upper Valley Haven has provided temporary shelter and educational programming for homeless families and adults as well as food and clothing to anyone in need. The Haven has fostered independence through our Shelter Advocacy, Aftercare, Outreach and Education Programs. The Haven is open 365 days per year and never charges for any of its services. We serve over 6,800 people per year.

It is difficult to adequately describe the stress and range of emotions surrounding homelessness and poverty. The same is true of the rewards our donors, staff, and volunteers experience from helping those in need.
In 2011 the Haven provided:

  • SHELTER for 40 families (86 children, 26 men and 40 women for a total of 152 persons) and 146 adults (102 men and 44 women, of whom there were 6 couples and 19 veterans)
  • FOOD for 3,075 households with 9,038 members (3,259 of whom were children). There has been food supplied for one household for one week on 10,607 occasions
  • CASE MANAGEMENT (for community members, not including shelter guests) support for 3,870 individuals (about 78 have been related to Tropical Storm Irene)
  • CLOTHING for 6,715 individuals
  • ACADEMIC SUPPORT to 37 school aged children (both current and former guests at our Family Shelter) at the Afterschool Program
  • ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES to 75 children of all ages
  • LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES to more than 140 adults
Grants Awarded: 

2012 - $2,500 to support homeless children and families

2011 - The Children's Fund has made a grant to support the Food Shelf Program at the Upper Valley Haven. By supplementing food supplies for households the Haven helps to alleviate hunger and food insecurity in our community. The Food Shelf provides a week's supply of healthy groceries once a month (including meat, dairy and produce), and unlimited access to bread and produce to anyone in need. Unique to the Haven's Food Shelf is the opportunity for visitors to "shop" the shelves for items they need and prefer, instead of being handed pre-selected bags of foods that were chosen on their behalf. In calendar year 2011 the Food Shelf served 3,075 households with 9,038 members (3,259 of whom were children). In the month of December alone 1,107 households received one week's worth of emergency food.

2009 - Grant suport for web site development as part of an effort to raise an additional $265,000.

2007 - Support of a fundraising consultant for The Haven's capital campaign, which will build another shelter and provide additional endowment funds

2006 - The Children’s Fund supported the construction of thirteen raised beds for flowers and vegetables at the Upper Valley Haven in summer 2006. The raised beds were designed and planted by children from the Haven Homework Club with the assistance of Haven staff and volunteers from the Vermont Master Gardeners program. This type of hands-on education supports the Haven’s mission to serve people struggling with poverty by providing shelter and education to homeless families, and food, clothing, and support to anyone in need.

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