A component fund of the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Special Needs Support Center of the Upper Valley

The Special Needs Support Center (SNSC) is a grassroots family organization for parents of children with special needs. Since 1979 SNSC programs have supported families in many ways - emotional support through caring staff members and connections with other parents, peer support groups, educational workshops for parents and professionals, educational advocacy, Kids on the Block Puppet Troupe, Connections, Medical Buddies, the Nathan Hall Library, Parent to Parent, Respite Child Care, Partners in Health, Happenings events, and our quarterly newsletter.

SNSC believes that parents often find their greatest support in other parents who are in a similar situation. We offer a place to help children and adults with special needs, and their families, meet their unique challenges through advocacy and program support. We believe that parents can share, laugh and learn from each other. Support through education, social and respite opportunities helps to empower parents to face the challenge of helping their child grow within their school and community.

Grants Awarded: 

2009 - Grant to support second annual fundraising event.

Grant Year(s): 

2016 Children's Fund Grantees