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Second Growth

Second Growth provides a unique blend of education, training, consultation, and direct client services for adolescent crises. When confronting high-risk behaviors, our professional staff members utilize an engaging and inspiring style that promotes renewal of hope in the toughest of circumstances. Remarkable in the field of adolescent counseling, Second Growth has built its success on simply “being there” in whatever way it counts most in each client’s moments of need – even to 24/7! – while also developing prevention, early-intervention, and crisis-response resources in Upper Valley schools and communities, and beyond.

Coaching for Captains

Coaching for Captains’ mission is to inspire and prepare teen athletes to become role models and leaders in their communities. At school visits, regional trainings, and monthly workshops, C4C uses experiential education to educate, support, and develop leadership skills and healthy behaviors. C4C trained 99 athletes from 10 schools in the UV in 2014 – 2015; these athletes in turn impacted over 1,000 local students with the positive message and education they received.  2014 results summary:

  • 72% of C4C participants felt comfortable talking with their teammates about the impact of alcohol and drugs on their athletic and school performance 

  • 95% of participants understood they could lose up to two weeks of training after one night of binge drinking 

  • 96.5% of participants understood the increased likelihood of injury for athletes who choose to use alcohol and other drugs 

Expansion plans for 2015: C4C will offer more leadership opportunities in the communities with the higher free and reduced lunch populations (like Claremont and Mascoma). These adolescents often do not have transportation or the opportunity to get to the Upper Valley for similar experiences. The curriculum is expensive to deliver, requiring additional staff tra

Grants Awarded: 

2015 - $5,000 to support the Coaching for Captains program

2014 - $5,000 for Second Growth Foundation: Coaching for Captains

This grant funds a leadership development program for high school athletes, which promotes a culture of success on and off the playing field.  The program focuses on development of leadership skills; prevention of drug and alcohol use; awareness of sexual assault; understanding of team culture and peer pressure.

2013 - $5,000 to support the Coaching for Captains program

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