A component fund of the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Schweitzer Fellows

Founded in 1996 under the direction of Dr. Joseph O’Donnell, the New Hampshire-Vermont (NH-VT) Schweitzer Fellows Program is one of thirteen Schweitzer program sites across the U.S. dedicated to developing a pipeline of emerging professionals who enter the workforce with the skills and commitment necessary to address unmet health needs.

Since the program’s inception, Schweitzer Fellows across New Hampshire and Vermont—competitively chosen from health-focused graduate student applicants in a variety of fields—have worked tirelessly to address health disparities and the social determinants of health throughout the region. Click here for a list of participating NH-VT professional schools.

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF) is improving the health of vulnerable people now and for the future by developing a corps of Leaders in Service—professionals skilled in creating positive change with and in our communities, our health and human service systems, and our world.

Our Approach

ASF selects graduate student Schweitzer Fellows to spend a year developing and implementing service projects that address health and its social determinants in vulnerable communities.

In addition to carrying out their Schweitzer service projects in partnership with community-based agencies (and under the guidance of Schweitzer mentors), Fellows participate in ASF’s reflective leadership development programming — which includes monthly meetings and trainings that contextualize Fellows’ service experiences and enhance their ability to carry out interventions that improve the health status of underserved people.

Grants Awarded: 

2013 - $2,000 to support the work of fellows who are teaching residents at the Haven about nutrition

   $2,000 for a wellness program at Romano Circle in Lebanon (low income housing)

   and $1,000 to support the overall work of the Schweitzer fellows program in the Upper Valley.

Grant Year(s): 

2016 Children's Fund Grantees