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Ledyard Charter School

Ledyard Charter School provides an educational setting where students are a part of their learning and growing. Faculty will assist the students in setting goals and mapping a course to achieve those goals. At the end of a student’s LCS experience, students will have the tools necessary for personal success. An LCS education helps the students work toward what we call the Vision of a Graduate and fosters the development of these seven vision statements:

  • Students will take responsibility for personal actions
  • Students will think critically and thoughtfully
  • Students will solve problems
  • Students will communicate effectively
  • Students will act as responsible community members
  • Students will understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people
  • Students will become accomplished and independent learners
Grants Awarded: 

2016 - $2,500: to continue our help with the LCS community service program, serving local farms, food banks, churches, the Humane Society, the CCBA, youth sports teams, and many other community partners.

2015 - $2,500 to the Ledyard Charter School/Whaleback collaboration.

2014 - $2,500 to the Outdoor program at Whaleback Mountain for the Ledyard Charter School in Lebanon, NH.

Ledyard is a small public charter school for high school students seeking an alternative to a traditional comprehensive high school.  The school opened in 2009, currently serves 40 students and meets the Common Core and NH Requirements for high school graduation.  This program is an outdoor education collaboration with Whaleback, including four components: a study of ecology of Whaleback; community service through trail clearing and maintenance; internship opportunities to teach students to run a mountain (e.g., marketing, communications, trail maintenance, lift operations, ski/ride instruction, safety and food service); and physical education that would involve hiking and mountain biking during the fall/spring and skiing/snowboarding in the winter.

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