A component fund of the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

Inspiring Kids

InspiringKids is a 501c(3) organization dedicated to nurturing our philanthropists of tomorrow by providing schools with the support, structure and tools to teach philanthropy. These young philanthropists will have opportunities to identify and meet the needs of today while developing the 21st century skills needed to solve the problems of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To educate and empower every student to become philanthropists by donating their collective time, treasure and talent to make a difference in their communities while engaging in activities that support the learning objectives and priorities of educators.

By connecting with and improving their communities, kids recognize the impact of their actions, take responsibility for improving their world, and proactively effect change over their lifetime.

Our Goal

To make the InspiringKids program a cornerstone leadership and philanthropy program in American schools that:

  • Is comprehensive, relevant and easy-to-implement.
  • Encourages life-long civic engagement within individual students.
  • Unites each school's greater community to support and celebrate student efforts.
  • Enables students to practice and apply important 21st century skills emphasized in classrooms today.

Our Commitment

To Kids: To provide a program that taps into a child's desire to help in authentic ways while providing interesting learning opportunities that make learning fun and meaningful.

To Teachers: To provide support and resources for teachers to offer authentic and relevant learning opportunities for their students.

To the Non-Profit Community: To provide ways for kids to learn about, support and interact with social and environmental organizations while simultaneously providing local organizations opportunities to support the students' efforts.

To the For-Profit Community: To provide an efficient way for local businesses to work in partnership with schools and students by supporting active learning opportunities which encourage social responsibility.

Grants Awarded: 

2009 - Grant support to expand to 5 Upper Valley schools.

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2016 Children's Fund Grantees