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Norwich Partners Wins 2014 Business Leadership Award

The Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce Business 2014 Community Leadership Awards

The Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce Business 2014 Community Leadership Awards has recognized Norwich Partners with its Business Leadership Award. The Business Leadership Award is presented to a: "business, agency, organization, community, or non-profit corporation which has helped invigorate the economic health of the area we serve, while contributing to the well-being of the Upper Valley."

Norwich Partners has committed to the success of the business and all of its investors by exercising extreme selectivity in choosing its development projects. By rejecting 99 percent of its business opportunities, Norwich Partners is able to excel in the projects that it does pursue. This dedication to making the right decisions for everyone involved in the enterprise also has led to a commitment to community philanthropy, with an understanding that giving back also enhances a business’ reputation. Norwich Partners created The Children’s Fund and committed a percentage of revenue to sponsor various events and projects, with an emphasis on underprivileged children. Norwich Partners demonstrates how a business philosophy can combine profit and philanthropy, enhancing the community as well as the impact of a brand.

There is no problem. There is only an opportunity for personal character enhancement.”
—David Leatherwood

Norwich Partners

David Leatherwood, Eric Sachsse, and Robin Shield, the founders/owners of commercial real estate developer Norwich Partners, actually met through their children and became good friends before creating their company in 2001. The three partners are quick to point out that the genesis of the above quote was more likely their children than their business! The fact that children brought them together is never forgotten.

While very active throughout the Northeast and Florida, a good portion of Norwich Partners’ development activity is centered right here in the Upper Valley. Norwich Partners sees great economic opportunity here. In addition, David, Eric, and Robin have strong ties to the area. Eric, a Dartmouth and Tuck alumnus, and Robin, a long time investor/developer and philanthropist who grew up in Norwich, joined forces with successful hotel developer David Leatherwood in 2001. The partners took their collective investment and development endeavors to the next level. The three founders/owners have indeed been very active and productive, now working on their 16th hotel development since forming the company.

Norwich Partners founders, largely because of their local roots and their children who are never far from their minds, have always believed strongly in supporting their community, particularly children’s causes. Speaking of the next level, Dartmouth alumna, philanthropist, and joint venture partner to Norwich Partners Jenny Williams has greatly expanded Norwich Partners’ philanthropic endeavors. David and Jenny collaborated on an idea to create a fundraising tool to support Upper Valley children’s charities, The Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley, which is a component of the NH Charitable Foundation. Since 2003, supported by Jenny and Norwich Partners’ founders, the Children’s Fund has donated well over $1 million in support of Upper Valley charities, with a focus on creating opportunity and building self-esteem for at-risk kids. Further, Jenny has been integral to all of Norwich Partners’ local projects, tapping her network of community leaders to build a broad base of local investors who share a community-building, family, and philanthropic focus.

Norwich Partners has teamed with long-time community leader and developer Pete Knights on its local Altaria development, which has led to additional joint venture developments with Peter in Boston and South Florida. Regardless of its national reach, at its core, Norwich Partners is local, about community and family and about giving back. The founders are quick to point out that they would be lost without the two indispensable “family” members who round out the team and make Norwich Partners’ operations run smoothly: Office Manager Hollie Conway and Controller Dale Cunningham. In the hotel development industry, “Friends and Family” is a widely recognized term; at Norwich Partners, friends and family is exactly what it is all about.

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