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Keeping Kids Fit While Building Self-Esteem

Children's Fund article in CHaD Matters

From an article in CHaD Matters, Fall 2013:

FOR JENNY WILLIAMS , Executive Director of the Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley, it’s about giving young adults the independence and self-esteem she found in running. For Upper Valley HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) it’s about building relationships and healthier communities.

The Indian River School’s Cross-Country Running (IRS XC) program began when Williams—who coached middle school cross-country for the Norwich Recreation Program for five years— noticed the limited range of athletic opportunities for kids in the Mascoma Valley region. “Traditionally,” explains Williams, “the school had soccer and football, but the town of Canaan’s recreation department had no full-time staff, only volunteers, because they didn’t have the money in the budget. But I had seen the benefits for Norwich and Hanover kids and wanted to offer those opportunities to another community.”

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